About Us

A1 Swag is a family owned and operated collectable store. We opened our doors to the public in December of 2019 and we have had a great time meeting our great customers!

We carry a huge amount of Funko pops, along with action figures, Loungefly, theme park collectables, and more.

Not only do we sell Funko Pops, everyone that works at A1 Swag is a collector as well. Each of us collect a different variety of Funko's and some of us are huge action figure collectors as well. So when you come into A1 Swag we are always more than happy to chat with you about our collections as well as yours. We love hearing the stories from our customers about their Pop hunts, their favorite Pops, are even how it all started for them.

We are located in Spring Hill Florida about 45 mins north of Tampa. 

So if your ever in the neighbor please stop by and say Hi. Out staff are always here to help. If you want to learn more about our products like us on Facebook:


We do a Facebook live every Friday to showcase some of the great items we get in each week or to talk about any news or sales coming up.

You can also Facebook message us if you have any questions or you can email us at a1swagcs@gmail.com.

Hope to see you all soon!