Our Guarantee

Here at A1 Swag we want to offer our customers the best packaging available. We do not however claim any item as "MINT" because we believe that nothing is "Mint" unless graded by professionals.

We do offer our products as standard grade products. Most products that arrive to us are in Standard Grade condition, meaning they are fresh out of the case or right off the shelf with only minor issues such as scrapes, rubbing, dings, dents, or creases. These don’t take away from the overall appearance of the packaging and are suitable for opening or for display in their package. Standard grade, however, may not meet the needs of the serious collector who wants near-mint to mint packaging. As a collector myself I would not send an item I would not display in my collection.

We do offer Non-Standard Grade products from time to time as well. These items are meant to be opened and displayed or played with. These come to us in damaged conditions and will be noted in our product description.

We are not, by any means, a professional grading company. We can not guarantee a Mint product deliver to you. All we can do is select the best looking item to ship to our customers. We will use extreme care when packaging these items to help prevent any damage that may occur during shipping.