We buy Pops Information

Selling Your Pops: 
When selling Pops, we ask that you contact us first before bringing in any Pops. We do this because if we currently have a collection or we are receiving any vendor order, we may not get to your collection right away. This way we can judge when we will have the time to get to your collection quickly and you’re not waiting so long to complete the sale. 

You must be at least 18 years or older and have a valid ID for A1 Swag to be able to purchase any items. 

***All pops MUST come from Smoke And Pet Free Homes. 

At this time we only buy collections that can be brought to us. We do not buy collections that will need to be mailed to us.

Must have at least 20+ Pops.

Majority of each piece in the collection must be valued around $40.00.

Depending on the size of the collection it may take at least 3 to 4 hours for us to verify all the Pops. On special occasions it may take up to 24hrs based on the day of the week and what we have scheduled to come in. Also, for security reasons we only keep a certain amount of money in the store and may need time to withdraw the money. 

If you do not schedule a time, you may be asked to come back or leave the Pops, if you would like, until we can get to them, and we will contact you once completed. 

What to do before bringing in your Pops:
Before bringing in your collection please send us a link to your PPG collection via Facebook messenger or this form. 

To find this log into your poppriceguide.com account, click “My Stuff” in the top right corner, then select showcase. Copy the link and paste that into Facebook messenger to send to A1 Swag or in the space labeled "Link to Showcase page on PPG/Hobbydb" on this form. 

If you do not have your collection in PPG, you can either use a computer and go to www.poppriceguide.com and enter your collection or you can also use the app HobbyDB Vision on any Android or Apple Device and scan the barcode and add them to your collection. You will need to create an account to use PPG either way. If PPG cannot be used, we do ask that you send us a list of Pops you would like to sell. Here is an example what information we need: 

Box Number, Pop Character, Exclusive Sticker (if it has one), and Condition 

If you are using the Funko App the only way for use to get anything from that would be to log into your account to view the list (which we do not recommend). Funko App doesn’t have the option to share your collection (the newer version of this app allows sharing but still is not accurate). Even then, we can only give you a ballpark estimate and could be way off because of the variations in pricing that the Funko App may have compared to what the actual Pop is that you own. 

Once we have your list: 
With this information we can get you a rough estimate for your Pops. All estimates are based off condition, we will adjust the price from the original estimate for any variations from the list, such as damage or incorrect information. 

***All estimates are good for 72 hours. After the 72 hours a new estimate can be requested.*** 

If you agree to the price, we will ask you to bring in the Pops for our inspection. We will go through them for accuracy based on your list and check condition. 

Once this is completed, we will give you a final total for your collection. When the final price is agreed upon you must fill out our Bill of Sale that releases the Pops to A1 Swag. 

Once the Bill of Sale is completed the sale of your Pops is completed and you will receive the amount agreed upon. 

We pay with either cash, PayPal, or check (for larger collections). 

All sales of Pops are final once Bill of Sale is signed and dated.