Alice In Wonderland – Funkoverse Strategy Game [Chase Version]

Alice In Wonderland – Funkoverse Strategy Game [Chase Version]

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Two exclusive Alice in Wonderland Funko Pop! figures found only in this game! Each figure is a unique, playable character with their own abilities!

You have a 1 in 4 chance of receiving a Chase version of the Queen of hearts, that is all diamond glitter!

New Croquet game mode lets Alice compete against the Queen of Hearts — just like the film!

Use the new Flamingo Mallet Items to make trick shots through the croquet Wickets

Have Alice follow the White Rabbit to earn extra movement

Alice can grow larger to push away her rivals, or grow smaller to run right past them!

Combine this expansion with any other Funkoverse Strategy Games

Ages 10+

2 Players

20-60 minute gametime

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