Jim Halpert - The Office Vinyl SODA [Factory Sealed Case (6) w/Chase]

Jim Halpert - The Office Funko SODA [Factory Sealed Case (6) w/Chase]

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Complete your The Office collection with this six-pack of Jim Halpert Funko SODA cans, each coming with an exclusive chase. Crack open a case of fun with this set of exciting, collectable cans that'll take you to 'Pam & Jim' land faster than you can say 'That's what she said.'

This is a Factory Sealed case of Funko Sodas. Case will include 6 sodas with a GUARANTEED Chase in each case (1 Chase and 5 Commons).

We will not allow returns for any sealed cases of soda's.

Stock photos are used for listing purposes.

All items are original and are in their original sealed case.

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