Rochelle #753 – The Craft Funko Pop! Movies [OOB]

Rochelle #753 – The Craft Funko Pop! Movies [OOB]

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Rochelle #753 is here to help you craft your way to funko-film fame! With a flick of your finger and a wave of your wand, channel your inner witch and conjure up something special. Pop on over for your one-way ticket to Pop-town and see what magic you can make!

This is an Out Of Box (OOB) Funko Pop!

**No box or stand is included with this item**

This an an Out of Box Funko Pop. Item is to be considered as Used. We consider this item to be in good condition but may show minor paint imperfections such as scuffs or minor paint wear, so we do not consider these defects. While we strive to deliver the best condition, we cannot accept returns due to minor flaws on this OOB Funko Pop. Thank you for understanding.

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